DTA-4158 Battery Charger Digital 24V/30A & 24V/50A For Generator


  • Model No: DTA-4158
  • Input Voltage: 180 t 270V AC
  • Out Voltage: 27.6V DC
  • Current: 50A
  • Digital Display for Volt and ampere.
  • Digital Display for  Ampere
  • LEDBattery Status show
  • Short Circuit Protection With Fuse
  •  2 Stage Charging for Continuous Connection.
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over current Protection.
  •  Low power consumption at no-load mode
  • Reverse Discharge Protection.
  • Two fans have been installed to keep the Battery Charger cool, which Automatically turns on during Heating
  • Easy to Install
  • Technology: Transformer Based
  • Ampere Metre On the Front Panel for Show Battery Charging Status
  • 63A ampere switch is used for main power
  • 100A ampere switch is used for the DC Output
  • The parameters are displayed on the front panel
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Copper Transformer and Metal Box
  • DTA-2450 is charger is capable of charging any type of battery attached to the generator
  • It automatically controls its amperes when the battery is fully charged
  • This charger has the capacity to charge batteries from 15 amps to 500×2 amps.
  • This charger is specially designed to slowly charge the continuous battery
  • This charger is made using high quality Parts and a 100% copper wire transformer


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