DTA-4083 Battery Charger 12V/6A For Generator


  • Model No: DTA-4083
  • Input Voltage: 140 t 270V AC
  • Out Voltage: 13.8V DC
  • Current: 6A
  • Short Circuit Protection
  •  2 Stage Charging for Continuous Connection.
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over current Protection.
  •  Low power consumption at no-load mode
  • Reverse Discharge Protection.
  • Reverse Polarity Connection protection.
  • Easy to Install
  • Low Cost
  • This model is specially designed to protect against moisture and shocks
  • Technology: Switchmode



the art battery chargers featuring very high efficiency and low cost in a compact metallic&plastic casing.

Chargers are designed to withstand high levels of disturbances found in the harsh automotive environmen

Chargers are practically impossible to destroy, having overload, short circuit, high temperature and reverse battery protections. The overload protection is current limiting type

*To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, don’t
Expose the unit to moisture or water.
*Don’t touch open components may result
Electric shock
*Use only suitable wires for connections
*Immediately replace damaged or burned wires.
*Incorrect terminal connection may result
Electric shock or fire.
*Only connect the unit to power supply of the
Type and voltage Described below.


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