DTA-17031 3D Electric Fireplace Remot Control Unit

  • Model. 17031
  • specially design for 3D electric fireplace
  • Durable and compact in size And Repairable
  • Control the fireplace with the remote control On-Off
  • increac the Flame
  • Reducing Flame
  • high temperature profile
  • low temperature shift
  • on off the Fire
  • The Remote is very beautiful, small in size and white in color
  • Performance and Versatility – Multitude of beneficial settings and
  • operational modes to ensure that it will operate at peak levels of performance and versatility



DTA Reliable Product’s very Affordable price,
We invite you to visit our office and inspect the running Elctronice Product’s &
discuss your problems about Sofware,Hardware & Firmware Solution.

for further details please contact # 03024459989,04237365346.
also visit our facebook page “Digitech Automation LHR”

Digitech Automation providers,
. Generator AVR Cards.
. Generator AMF/ATS & Safety Module.
. Battery Charger Whit Multi Range.
. AC/DC Drives.
. VS Motor Card.
. Programable Digital Timer & Counters.
. Temprature & Humidity Controllers.
. Solar Charge Controller & Solar Hybrid System.
. Pcb Desingning & Manufacturing.


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