DTA-9081 Burner Controller Unit Flame Rod Sensing

  • Safe start with DETECT FLAME ROD sensing technology
  • Custom timings setting for start & ignition & Main valve
  • work indication with led’s
  • Air Blower control
  • poilt & Main Valve control
  • Single or three trials for ignition
  • System diagnostic LED
  • Gas furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Commercial cooking
  • Water heaters



DTA Reliable Product’s very Affordable price,
We invite you to visit our office and inspect the running Elctronice Product’s &
discuss your problems about Sofware,Hardware & Firmware Solution.

for further details please contact # 03024459989,04237365346.
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Digitech Automation providers,
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. Solar Charge Controller & Solar Hybrid System.
. Pcb Desingning & Manufacturing.


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