Outdoor LED Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Detector Wall Light Motion Sensor Light Switch Waterproof

  • Specification: 
    Color: black
    Material: ABS
    Working Rotation: 180°
    IP Rating: Indoor application IP44
    LUX Setting: 0-2000lux svr adjustable
    Induction lighting time: 5s~8min adjustable time
    Detection distance: Approx 12M, installation 1.5-2.5M High
    Output: Maximum 1000W incandescent lamp, 100W fluorescent lamp ,Exhaust fan 100W, Motor 100W, Electric bell 100W
    Size: approx. 4.5*5.5*15.5cm (H*W*L)
    This product is a new type of energy-saving lighting switch, it adopts high sensitivity detector, integrate circuit and SMT, safe and practical.



Features :

  • Built-human infrared sensor module, sensor module light effects, delay switch module.
  • load capacity, strong anti-jamming capability.
  • people into the sensing range, can be automatically opened, after leaving the automatic delay off,
  • can automatically identify day and night, and the external environment illuminance can freely choose the starting job,
  • Automatic work to do in the evening, during the day and closed. Users can adjust;
  • Light time is adjustable and can be adjusted by the user according to local conditions.



Regulate the work day or night.
A : When transferred to the position of the sun, the sensor-day work;
B : When transferred to the position of the moon,
the sensor does not work during the day, at night automatically enter the working state.


Is to adjust the sensor delay time (10 ± 2sec – 7 ± 1min)
Delay time is the sensor sensitive to the people, the people left the sensing area, the sensor delay off time.


Is to adjust the sensor sensitivity. Generally do not need adjustment.


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