DST-2450 Solar Charge Controller PWM With Hybrid System 12V/24V 50A HB

  • Model DST 2450HB
  • voltage:12/24V
  • Rated current:50A.
  • Method:PWM.
  • Microprocessor Controlled System.
  • Programmable Lcd Display.
  • All Parameters Can be Program From Menu.
  • UPS In Automatic On/OFF Control
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Memorized The Set Parameters.
  • Charging Can Be Stopped When Battery Voltage Reaching The Set Value ( charging off volt ).
  • 3 Methods Of Battery Charging. Charge And Full Battery Indicator.
  • Intelligentized The Temperature Compensation.
  • Over Charge Protection.
  • Solar ATS/Hybrid System Control Your UPS InPut 220V
  • Automatic Detection of voltage Solar Panel & Battery.
  • UPS Input 220v Can Be Stopped When Battery Voltage & Solar Voltage Reaching The Set Value.
  • When Solar Panel Volt/Battery Volt Down The Set Value Then Hybrid system Connect The UPS Input With Wapda Electricity.
  • Intelligent Solar ATS/Hybrid System to minimize the use of Electricity and Maximize The Use of Solar Panel Energy In Order to Reduce Utility Bills.



Dessta Reliable Product’s very Affordable price , With warranty
We invite you to visit our office and inspect the running solar ATS/Hybrid system & PWM Solar Charge Controller’s,
With Multi Range of Battery Voltage & Solar Panel Voltage Also.


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