Pressure switch with display

-1 bar…10 bar pressure range ±2% FS accuracy Analog and transistor output Multiple measuring unit option Measuring range -1bar ~10bar Withstand pressure 15bar Measure accuracy ≤±2%F. S. (ambient temperature 25°C) Temperature error ≤±3%F. S. (temperature range 0~50°C) Measure pattern Hysterersis modeCompare mode of upper and lower bounds Port size External R1/8, NPT1/8, G1/8 option, internal therad M5 Display Double LCD display 4-digital measurement value, unit display, output status display Adjustable backlight, 4 groups of display models Supply voltage 12-24VDC ±%10 Current consumption 40 mA max (non-load) Transistor output NPN or PNP Open Collector Analog output 1-5V or 4-20mA Short-circuit protection Yes Protection class IP40 Ambient temperature Operating temperature 0~50°C, storage temperature -20~60°C Insulation voltage 1000VAC 1 min Insulation resistance ≤50MΩ(500VDC) Shock Max 100m/s2, 3 times each in directions of X, Y and Z Vibration Amplitude 1.5mm. 10Hz-500Hz, 2 hours each direction of X, Y and Z



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