DTA-210 AMF/ATS 2 Wapda & 1 Generator Automatic Load Transfer and Generator Start/Stop Unit

  • Aoutmatic 2 main Lines And Generator Control Card
  • This card is Specially Designed to Control Two WAPDA Meters and One Generator
  • Meter 1 and Meter 2 automatically switch with time Delay Setting
  • In case of both line shutdown, it starts the generator itself and shifts the load to the generator.
  • If in-wapda 2 comes on while the generator is running, it shuts down the generator and turns it into Metter 2.and shifts the load to the Metter 2.
  • In case of both Line 1 and Line 2 coming, the load of Line 1 will be transferred automatically
  • Variables to Onload line one, line two, and line three
  • Self On/Off Time Setting
  • Genset On Load Time & Genset Off Load Time
  • Main On Load Time 
  • Generator Cool Down Time
  • Failed To Start Indication LED
  • Excellent Ability to Start and Stop the Generator
  • DC Supply: 12 Volts, (+) and (-) Terminals.
  • Indicators to show card performance
  • Capability to transfer loads without DC 12 volts




The DA127 unit which is specially designed for Genset.
It is used to start and stop the Genset in automatic or manual mode auto/manual switch on the panel.
DTA127 is very Popular & Reliable Model.
DTA127 is properly start & stop the genset in very Efficient Sequenc.

This Card Also Has seven variables that are used to increase or decrease the tiem genset & mains.
DC Supply: 12 volts, (+) and (-) terminals.

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