GAVR-15A Automatic Voltage Regulator

  • SENSING INPUT: Voltage : 220/400V AC
  • POWER INPUT: Voltage : 100-260V AC MAX; Frequency : 50-60 Hz nominal
  • OUTPUT: Voltage : max 90V DC at 240V AC input; Current : continuous 6A,Intermittent 12A for 10 secs; Resistance : Min.10Ω Max.100Ω
  • VOLTS REGULATION: < ± 0.5% (with 4% engine governing)
  • VOLTAGE BUILD-UP: Residual volts at AVR terminal > 5 VAC
  • EXTERNAL VOLTS ADJUSTMENT: ± 7% with 1K Ω, 1 Watt trimmer
  • THERMAL DRIFT: 0.05% per °C change in AVR ambient temperature
  • UNDER FREQUENCY PROTECTION: 60 Hz system presets knee point at 57Hz; 50Hz system presets knee point at 47Hz



The GAVR-15A Automatic Voltage regulator features a rugged compact desiThe GAVR-15A is an universal brushless generator AVR 15A, voltage stabilizer with universal 15 Amp 1/2 wave self excited dip-switch programmable automatic voltage regulator, 110/220/440 VAC Programmable Input with Under Frequency Protection. Also features Soft Start Voltage Ramping and EMI Suppression and a built-in high capacity 8 Amp Fuse to protect the unit in cases of power surges. Package includes 1 x AVRGAVR-15A and 1 x User Manual.

Reasons for using the GAVR-15A Automatic Voltage Regulator

Power generators, as ones used by standby power systems, will have automatic voltage regulators to stabilise their voltages as the load on the generators fluctuates. Originally, AVRs for generators were electromechanical in nature, but a modern AVR uses solid-state devices. An AVR acts as an feedback control system that gauges the output voltage of the generator, compares that output to a set reference point, and generates an error signal that is used to adjust the excitation of the generator. As the excitation current in the field winding of the generator increases, its terminal voltage will increase. The AVR will control current by using power electronic devices; generally a fraction of the generator’s output is used to feed current for the field. Where a generator is connected in parallel with other sources such as an electrical transmission grid, changing the excitation has more of an effect on the reactive power produced by the generator than on its terminal voltage, which is mostly set by the connected power system.


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